Ahmad Carroll CB Arkansas

Ahmad has good size, speed and strength for his position. He has very good hip flip and is aggressive in his coverage. He is a good tackler and plays with a lot of pride.

Needs to Improve
Ahmad needs a lot more experience at his position. He was just starting to dominate at his level towards the end of the year. He is competing right now with mostly talent.

Bottom Line
I like the upside of this kid's potential. He is fast and quick and has the strength to use the bump and run techniques that are so very needed in the NFL. I feel if he stays in another year, he is a first round pick. He will be a hell of a pick in the 2nd round for some lucky team thIs year. He has improved every year and coaches were starting to throw away from him towards the end of the year. He is a good tackler and likes to be physical. Personally, I have trouble drafting players with feminine last names, but this kid should be the exception.


Drew Boylhart