Ahmad Childress   DT   Alabama

Ahmad has the athletic talent to stop everything that comes near him. He has very good lateral movement to go along with a very long wingspan to disrupt the passing lanes of a QB. He is an enormously talented human being.

Needs to improve
Ahmad right now is a man-child just growing into his body and
talent. He will have to mature in every part of his game, on and off the

Bottom Line
Ladies, there has been a Sasquatch sighting. Big Foot, Yowie, Yeti or whatever else you would call a human being that has this much talent in that size body and can still walk without tripping. I think that before it is all said and done, this kid moves into the late 1st to early 2nd round. Once he works out for some teams, they will not be able to deny his abilities. This is a ‘boom or bust’ player that I personally would not pass me from the 15th pick on. Throw out the stats -- they mean nothing in this case. The smartest thing this kid has done so far was to leave the Alabama program. There is nothing left for him there. He will just learn a lot of bad habits as he tears through every offensive lineman in the college game. He will take time to develop, so sign him to a contract that will make him very rich by the 4th year. Then, if he is not a big lump of Jell-O, sign him forever. You must take a chance on this man-child. If you do not need a DT, draft him anyway, then sit back and watch the "draft experts" go wild. My friend Sasquatch is real and I have the pictures to prove it.


The Bottom of the Bottom line - 4/12/04

Ahmad has hurt himself with his immaturity. He came to a job interview, over weight and lacking in the urgency needed to impress the scouts with his talents. I am of the opinion that the sighting of Sasquatch was false and the picture I have must have been doctored. He will drop to the second day of the draft. He has the talent. The best thing for his lazy ass would be to not draft him at all. Maybe that would embarrass him and motivate him. We all know that this will not happen. He has too much POTENIAL. He will drop to the second day of the draft.

Drew Boylhart