Alex Lewis†† LB†† Wisconsin



Alex Lewis is a football player. He has very good speed and strength. He is always around the ball and just keeps making tackles and big plays. Alex has excellent lateral agility, stays with his responsibilities in the passing game and has the athletic talent to play his position with the ease that is equal to the more highly rated LBís in this draft. Alex does a nice job of breaking down plays and takes good angles in shooting the gaps and tackling RBís. Alex knows how to blitz and does a good job of using his quickness, strength and speed to elude the O-linemen in getting into the backfield. He has great instincts and makes the players around him better. He is a very good tackler. Alex shows leadership qualities and will be an excellent teammate.


Needs to Improve

Alex is not tall for his position, but he just might have the size, speed and talent to overcome this imperfection. He will be downgraded as far as the round that he is taken in but IMO, his lack of height should not affect his ability to impact when he gets on the field.


Bottom Line

I have heard this so many times it makes me want to puke. ďAlex will have to be moved to a different position in the pros.Ē That is the biggest bunch of you-know-what that I hear about this kid all the time. Alex will be a core player for his team just like Brooks and Fletcher and many others who were not the perfect height. When will the scouts learn that it is not the talent at this level that separates the impact players from the rest of the pack? It is the heart, the instincts and the need to succeed that separates them. So go ahead and find a reason for your team (Mr. Scout) to downgrade a player like Alex. Maybe he picks his nose in public or scratches in places that are not meant to be scratched in public. So what?! Alex will need to play in a defense that keeps the O-linemen off of him so that he can flow to the ball and make tackles. There are so many mistakes made in evaluating players and I believe itís because teams look at the perfect scenario in height, weight and speed and forget that instincts, love for the game, heart and character are what makes the real players. I call him Alex (Braveheart) Lewis because he will lead others to great heights even though he himself is not of great height.


Drew Boylhart