Alex Stepanovich†† C/G†† Ohio St



Alex has very good size and strength for his position. He has a very quick hand snap --maybe the quickest of all the centers in this draft. He is very good at lowering his hips and getting the correct leverage to handle the bull rush. Alex uses his hands well in the passing game. He has a very good punch that sets his balance for his blocking techniques when pass blocking. He is smart and shows leadership skills and is a little bit nasty.


Needs to Improve

Alex does not move his feet very well at this stage of his career. His lack of foot speed will affect his ability to fire out and block LBís in the running game at the next level. When he misses his blocks, his nasty streak causes him to commit penalties. Right now, Alex can be used by a team that uses a zone blocking system only.


Bottom Line

Alex is a better fit at the center position than the guard position for these reasons: lack of foot speed, quick snap and set, leadership qualities and the ability to handle a DT one on one against a 3/4 defense.However, he will not be a Pro Bowl center unless he learns to move his feet better. He must start to do drills that send the signal from his brain to his feet quicker. The drills have been around for years and they are: going down steps, jumping rope, going through the tires, moving in concert with your fellow linemen at the signal of your coach. The problem with these drills is that they are hard and boring and most players would rather pump some iron. I hope somebody gets smart and starts teaching these kids that the reason for exercise is to get better at your job and not to look pretty for the girls (well, letís not go that far). Alex also has a great football name- I mean a QB does not throw to a Stepanovich--- really! With a name like Stepanovich- Alex was destined to be a DT or MLB or G/C or maybe a FB, but thatís it. I would guess that when Alex was born he smacked the doctor in the face for catching him before he could plant his feet and snap his mother the bedpan. This is why I call him Alex (Bedpan) Stepanovich.


Drew Boylhart