Antwan Odom†† DE†† Alabama

Antwan has good size for his position. He has long arms to help keep the OTís away from him. He has natural strength that goes well with his skills. He is very good in the passing game. Has a good burst of the line of scrimmage.


Needs to Improve

Antwan has a difficult time at the point of attack. It is not from a lack of technique or strength or effort because on film, he reacts very well to what is happening in front of him. To be honest, I'm not sure what it is at this point.

Bottom Line
Antwan is the only pure size DE in this draft that has a burst off the line that I would consider 1st round material. I have watched him on numerous occasions destroy the blocker in front of him and then a few plays later, be destroyed by the blocker in front of him. Then I have watched him walk off the field with what I would call stingers in his
shoulders. I think the inconsistency in his play is somehow related to these stingers. This, of course, is purely a guess on my part. It is a guess taken from tapes and not from any information that I have other than from my personal observation. If I am correct and this observed problem by me can be corrected, someone might have themselves POTENTIALLY one of the better DEís in this draft. There are not too many things wrong with this kidís game. He has size, strength, burst off the line and seems to play smart. He does have a lot more to learn in the run game and in pass rushing techniques, but that is to be expected. If Antwan can convince the scouts and GMís that his consistency problem can be physically corrected, then the sky is the limit for him. Another possible sleeper that just might sneak into the latter part of the 1st round, but reality tells me he will go in the 2nd.

Drew Boylhart