Arnold Parker S Utah



Arnold is tall and very fast. He has excellent quickness and change of direction skills. He has nice long arms and has very good coverage skills. Arnold could be used as a CB and has the talent and athletic ability to shut down the big tall strong WRs that are coming into the NFL.


Needs to Improve

Arnold should add some weight to his frame to protect him from injury. He also needs to learn to play under control. He is not the best tackler I have seen, but he gets the job done in college. In the pros, arm tackling is not going to get the job done. If he learns to play under control, his tackling should improve.


Bottom Line

Arnold is so sure of his abilities that he has a habit of trying to bait the QB into interceptions. He gives too much cushion in coverage because he has such good speed. This causes him to break to the player and the ball out of control. This is a bad habit and very hard to break for a kid who has this much talent. Strong armed QBs will eat him up, but Arnold will do the same to weak-armed QBs. What you have is a player who is not consistent, but makes the big play. I like a safety that takes calculated risk at the right time in the game. I guess what Im saying is that I dont think that Arnold understands the mental aspect of the safety position. Therefore, I would have to evaluate him as a nickel back CB with possible big play impact. The longer Arnold is on the field, the easier it will be to take advantage of his big play mentality. After a few years, he may be a starter, but I think Arnold will always look for the big play and that can always be exploited and will frustrate his coaches and teammates.


Drew Boylhart