Ben Hartsock   TE   Ohio St



Ben is an excellent blocker. He catches the ball very well and runs good routes. He has good size for his position and has mental toughness. Ben shows leadership qualities. He is one of the few TEís in this draft that has the ability to block at the next level in the running game and the passing game.


Needs to Improve

We would all like to be as fast as the wind. Some of us canít. Some of us will never feel the wind blowing through our hair as we run down the field. Ben is one of these people.


Bottom Line

Ben Hartsock is a football player. He will be an excellent red zone TE. He will be a core player for his team that the fans will never give enough credit to because he is not flashy. When the coaches watch the film on Mondays, they will marvel at the importance to the offensive scheme that Ben played. He will not split the safeties with his speed, but he just might split a linebacker with a block. He will catch a lot of TDís in the red zone and will always be in the correct place at the correct time. Ben is a leader through his play. Some team is going to get themselves a real live football player when they draft this kid.


Drew Boylhart