Ben Troupe†† TE†† Florida

Ben is big, tall, strong kid. He has good size for his position. Catches the ball with his hands from a QB that has a strong NFL arm. Has good speed, enough to give plenty of NFL linebackers fits. Ben has good feet and balance. The strongest point to Ben's game is his ability to run after the catch. Ben is tough to bring down because he keeps his feet moving when being tackled. His attitude in the passing game is infectious. He loves to catch the ball and run with it. If he fumbles, he comes back and plays harder. He does not like to let his teammates down. He shows leadership qualities.

Needs to Improve
Florida doesnít ask their TEís to block very much. Most scouts are going to tell you that Ben is weak in this part of his game. It is an unknown and affects his position in the draft because most scouts believe Ben is a pass catching TE only.

Bottom Line
Ben has three things going for him that make him a potentially excellent tight end. He is athletic, smart and has a great attitude. I believe that he is a late first round pick-early second round in this draft and will be a much better blocker then everybody thinks. I believe by the time we get to draft day, people will be rating Ben as the second best TE in this draft. Some will rate him higher. That's fine because he will be a good TE. If you pass on Winslow and take Ben later on, I donít think you will be sorry. Ben as an early second round pick might make Winslow fall out of being picked in the top ten on draft day. In fact, this is a good draft for TEís, so a lot of teams may pass on Winslow to choose a TE later in the draft.Ben shows me on the field that he just loves to play football. You've got to love this about him. Trying to tackle Ben is like trying to stop a locomotive with a full head of steam. He is intimidating when he catches the ball and he is very dependable. Ben is young at heart with a smile on his face, a love for the game and the talent to match any other tight ends in this draft.

Drew Boylhart