Ben Utecht   TE   Minnesota


Ben is big, tall kid with long legs and long arms. He has very good speed and good hands. He works very well with the QB and is dependable. Ben is a pure pass-catching TE.

Needs to Improve
Ben is not a good blocker right now. He is a one dimensional TE. His blocking will need to improve. He needs to bend at the knees and use leverage.

Bottom Line
Ben is a pass-catching TE. He will be a valuable addition for some lucky team when he splits the safeties on third and long. The WR's are going to love him because a safety will have to help a linebacker in coverage. This will force 1-on-1 coverage on a WR and slam bam - the big play has just introduced itself to your offense. Ben has very good speed and very good hands. He knows how to get open and he understands down and distance. I do not think that Ben will ever be that great a blocker, but he will improve and he will give the effort. He lacks the timing and he is stiff in his hips. The point is Ben would rather catch the ball than block. It's as simple as that. This kid can catch anything you throw at him. He's a smooth operator. Ben should be a first day pick.

Drew Boylhart