Ben Watson   TE   Georgia

Ben is very athletic for his size or anyone else's size. He has good hands and runs excellent routes. Ben has a good feel for when and where to cut off his routes to help his QB. Ben has football smarts and is a team player. He has leadership qualities and is a good blocker -- quick and strong.

Needs to Improve
Ben needs to learn how to draw attention to his play.


Bottom Line
Ben is about the same size as Kellen Winslow. He is as athletic as Kellen. He catches the ball as well as Kellen. He is as fast -- or faster -- then Kellen. He runs routes as well as Kellen. He blocks as well as Kellen. He averages 13 yds/catch, which is comparable to Kellen. He has scored a total of 7 TD’s for his college career and that compares favorably to Kellen’s 9 TD’s for his college career. So what is the big difference between these two players? Raise your hand if you have the answer. Not you Drew…somebody else pleasssse!
Anybody? Nobody? Ok, Drew, give us the answer. There is only one reason. Kellen plays for Miami, is on TV all the time, the announcers love him and his father is famous. That’s four reasons. Go to the back of the class. Seriously, though, Ben does not have the fear of failure that Kellen has and he doesn't have the need to be the top dog on his team.  However, he is every bit as talented as Kellen. As I’ve said before in another profile, if you pass on Kellen and take a different TE later, it will not be the end of the world. There are a lot of good TE’s in this draft -- especially those with the first name of Ben.

Drew Boylhart