Bernard Berrian   WR   Fresno St

Bernard has great quickness for his position. He has good speed and hands. He’s caught the ball from a QB with a big time arm (David Carr). He is quick in and out of his breaks and runs very good routes. He can go over the middle for that big time play. He is a good teammate with football smarts and he can block.

Needs to Improve
You would like to see Barnard gain some weight, but not at the expense of his quickness. He did have a knee injury that needs to be checked out.

Bottom Line
I love to watch this kid. He is tough and loves the big play. He will learn to fight the bump and run because he is so quick. The biggest concerns are his weight and whether or not he can take the pounding that goes on in the NFL. This concern has to make you think that Bernard is a #2 WR. He has good speed, but he just runs routes so well that he gets deep on a CB with technique more then speed. That is impressive because that will continue in the NFL. The kid just knows and loves to play football. The fans are going to love watching him play. The QB is going to love him on third and fifteen over the middle. I'll tell you one thing -- if David Carr has any input in the draft for his team, you can bet Barnard is on Houston's radar. He will be a first day steal for some lucky team. Barnard (Beep, Beep) Berrian…the sound of radar when it finds its target.

Drew Boylhart