BJ Johnson   WR   Texas

BJ has good size for the receiver position. He has played in a pro style offense. He has strong hands. He is a very smart route runner and knows how to get open. He is a better deep threat than he is given credit for. BJ is a team player.

Needs to Improve
BJ needs to get stronger and he needs to step out of the shadow of Roy Williams. He needs to want to be the Top Dog.

Bottom Line
BJ is a real sleeper in this draft. He is 1st round talent that has been in the shadow of Roy Williams. He has the POTENTIAL to be a #1 receiver for some team. He might wind up being more successful then Roy in the pros after all is said and done. He is a deep threat, but because of Williams and his speed, BJ has been used more as a possession receiver. Being a possession receiver in a pro style offense, he has learned how to run routes. He is further ahead in his development than a lot of other receivers in this draft. The big question is…does BJ have the character and persistence to learn how to fight through the bump and run techniques that the pros use? BJ does step up to a challenge.  The problem is, he hasn't been challenged enough. He has willingly taken a back seat to Roy Williams. Normally, you would love this in a player, but when Williams was hurt, BJ did not shine with consistent play. That makes everybody nervous and makes BJ (who has first round talent) drop to maybe the third round. The question is does BJ want to be Top Dog or just a puppy dog?

Drew Boylhart