Bo Schobel   DE   TCU

Bo has good size for his position. He has long arms and long legs. He is very strong and stands up well in the running game. He is quick off the line of scrimmage and even shows some LB skills. He works the game plan and makes few mental mistakes.

Needs to Improve
Bo needs a lot of work in pass rushing techniques. Right now, all he does is bull rush and rush up field. He has a looonnng way to go before he is a finished player.

Bottom Line
Bo will be a very good DE in the NFL. He has the talent and just needs time to develop with some good coaching. He has the basics. He has a very good burst off the line, good strength and he is smart. Bo has the athletic talent and the work ethic. How long it takes for Bo to develop will be up to him. In essence, only Bo knows. (Oops) I think Bo is a 1st day pick. That means that the scouts think he has the POTENTIAL to be an impact player at some point in his career. Bo should be moved to the weak side instead of where he plays now in college -- on the strong side. I feel that he will be an impact in a few years from that side of the line of scrimmage. Bo should be a core player for the team that drafts him. I know you think that only Bo knows- but I’m here to tell you…Drew knows, too.

Drew Boylhart