Bob Sanders†† S†† Iowa

Bob is very fast and strong for his size. He is a good tackler. He is smart and fearless. He is a leader. Bob has the speed to go sideline to sideline. Bob could be a good two deep zone safety.

Needs to Improve
Bob has to get much better in the passing game. His hips are locked and he is not big enough to cover a TE one on one.

Bottom Line
Bob really is a situational safety. He is a pure two deep zone safety and can help in nickel and dime situations. He is a good tackler and hits like a roll of quarters at the end of a sock swung at your head. He is a tough kid. I think Bob might be really good on special teams as a gunner on the punt coverage unit. The kid is fast, strong, can tackle and is fearless. If Iím right, Bob could be worth his weight in gold to the lucky team that
picks him. There is no other play in football that is more momentum changing than a slam- bam tackle on a punt returner. If you can put fear into a punt or kick returner with just the thought of a vicious hit as they catch the ball, good things will follow. Bob's value to a team as a gunner on the punt coverage units could be his ticket to impacting in the
NFL. He will have more of an impact at that position than he will as a safety in a two deep zone. Bob, my advice to you is set your sights on the gunner position and you might just become a core player for the team that picks you. Play safety and your team will always be looking to upgrade or replace you. At gunner, there is no replacement. Pretty boys don't like that type of work. Crazy Bob the Gunner Sanders. Sounds just about right to me.

Drew Boylhart