Bobby McCray DE Florida

Bobby has been measured in the 6'5" range and he carries about 250 lbs on that frame. He has room to grow. He is about the fastest DE in this draft and has the quickest burst off the line of all the DEs in this draft. He is a developmental sleeper.

Needs to Improve
Bobby needs to stop screwing around and get serious about football. When you interview him, don't believe anything he says. I am sure he has an excuse for everything. By the way, don't ask him to stop the run. He honestly feels that it is someone else's job.

Bottom Line
I have this kid on tape crying to a referee six plays in a row. It got so bad the referee starting setting up out of position just so that he did not have to deal with Bobby and his mouth. Bobby could be the reason women take the pill. The problem is, Bobby is very talented and has the POTENTIAL to be an impact player in the NFL. He has great pass rushing quickness. The kind of quickness coaches can only dream about. He has very good pass rushing skills to go along with his speed and quickness. At this time, Bobby wants nothing to do with stopping the run. Bobby is a boom or bust player and developmental at that. Add that to his mouth and questionable actions on and off the field and you have 1st day talent taken on the 2nd day in a draft short on really good pass rushing DEs. Bobby will flash in the upcoming bowl games and combines. It will not help. He still gets
taken the 2nd day. Bobby is the Leonard Little of this draft. Little plays for St. Louis as their DE. St. Louis went through the growing pains and almost lost Little to a jail sentence. The similarities are eerie to say the least.

Drew Boylhart