Brandon Everage†† S††† Oklahoma

Brandon has good skills for a coverage safety. He has good speed and is a solid tackler. Brandon has the ability to change direction and has long arms that help him defend in the passing game.

Needs to Improve
Brandon is not a true wrap-up tackler, but does get the job done in college. He will have to improve his techniques for the pros.

Bottom Line
Brandon was showing signs of becoming an impact player in his junior year, but has fallen off the radar screen this year. He has played four years in the Oklahoma defense and you would think that he would have gotten better every year, but he hasnít. All four years have been filled with inconsistency. Why, you ask? I can only give you a guess at this stage. I just think he pouts if he doesn't get his way or, it is a personal problem or, or what, I just do not know. He has the talent. Maybe he doesn't want to play. He seems to be a tough kid. He doesn't shy away from the hitting. At this stage for me, as a businessman, I would pass on him until the 2nd day. In fact, I would pick him maybe in the 6th or 7th round only. Let somebody else figure him out, unless it is related to a personal problem that can be easily corrected. First day talent in the 2nd day. Boom or bust? This is another player that you roll the dice on.

Drew Boylhart