Brett Hudson   SS/FS   Arizona St



Brett has good size, strength and speed for his position. He has played CB, SS and FS for his college team. For a player that has played all of these positions, he shows good instincts and ball awareness. He has a good burst in coverage and is always around the ball to make plays. Brett does a good job reacting and switching in a zone defense and has the speed to handle assignments from sideline to sideline. He has been overlooked because he played in the same backfield as Jason Shivers who is flashier.


Needs to Improve

Brett needs to improve his tackling techniques and has to settle on one position. This will be difficult because most teams are going to be attracted to Brett because of his versatility.


Bottom Line

I think that Brett will be a very good cover FS in the pros. He has just enough skills as a CB to stay with slot receivers and the size, speed and strength to handle most of the TE’s in the NFL. Brett has the ability to go sideline to sideline, but the system that his college team uses does not show this skill off to the scouts. He is not as physical a tackler as Shivers is so it looks like he is not as good a tackler, but that’s wrong…he is a good tackler. I think that Brett’s all around skills and athleticism translates better to the NFL than his counterpart Jason Shivers. I question if Jason can stay injury free along with the fact that he is locked in his hips and lacks real coverage skills. Brett does not have any of these concerns except that he will have to develop his skills in general.


Drew Boylhart