Brian Rimpf†† OT†† East Carolina



Brian has very good size and strength for his position. He is a smart player and plays with a little bit of a nasty streak. He has dominated at his level of play. Brian blocks very well in the running game. He shows some possible leadership skills and at this time, is a very good developmental prospect.


Needs to Improve

Brian lacks quickness out of his stance and quickness in his lateral movement. He has to work on making his feet quicker. That nasty streak he plays with is a positive and negative. Brian will need to work on his techniques and improve his pass blocking.


Bottom Line

Brian has some technique issues that need to be corrected and to be honest, I feel he will have to be moved into the guard position in the NFL. He is pretty good at blocking in the running game, but he does lunge a lot. When he lunges, heís not on the ground and thatís a big positive. His pass blocking needs to improve and as a guard, he would get some help in that area. Brian is tough, strong and powerful; however, I think he will get frustrated at the OT position and that nasty streak could cause a lot of penalties.The right guard position would be better because that nasty streak becomes more of a positive in the running game. Brian should be a pretty good player in the NFL, but at this point, he would be a 2nd day pick on my board.If I needed really athletic O-linemen for a pulling and trapping scheme, I would look at other players. Brian will be limited to certain style of O-line blocking.


Drew Boylhart