Bruce Thornton   CB   Georgia



Bruce has good athleticism for his position. He has the speed and burst to run with WR’s and shows good hands and body control for interceptions. He has good straight-line speed and is a good tackler. He will be a good teammate. He should be a good zone CB in the NFL.


Needs to Improve

Bruce does better when the play is in front of him. I think he should be moved to a cover safety position because he lacks good change of direction skills that a CB needs in the NFL.


Bottom Line

The biggest problem that I see for Bruce is his ability not to forget and get down on himself when he gets beat or makes a mistake. A CB in the NFL has to learn to forget about his mistakes. Don’t get me wrong -- he has to learn from his mistakes, but he also  must be able to move on mentally when he makes a mistake. Bruce really feels that he’s let his teammates down when he gets beat. You can see it when he goes to the sideline. This attitude, although commendable, will be a big problem for Bruce in the NFL. If he doesn’t learn to overcome this, it will break him. There is nothing wrong with Bruce’ overall talent level. He can play in the NFL, but I think free safety would be a better fit for him because it will allow him to keep the play in front of him and he will gain confidence.


Drew Boylhart