Cedric Cobbs†† RB†† Arkansas

Cedric has very good size, strength and speed for his position. He runs with good lean and is quick. He has good lateral movement and vision in the hole. He runs strong between the tackles and has plenty of speed to bounce the play outside. Cedric is a natural at setting up his blocks for the offensive lineman.

Need to improve
Cedric needs to be kept on a leash. The off field concerns for this talented player and injury concerns make you think that there are serious problems with this kid. I'll take the injured shoulder, but the length of time to heal, along with toe and other problems add up to somebody pulling somebody's appendage. Cedric could dominate at the college level if he had one leg and a seeing-eye dog with arthritis.

Bottom Line
I donít know if I have seen a more natural RB then Cedric. That being said, I don't know when I have seen a more screwed up RB then Cedric. Please, somebody get a hold of this kid and knock some sense into him. Cedric doesnít even try and he runs better then most of the backs in this draft. What really amazes me is his ability to set up his blocks and to
use his stiff arm. It is hard to teach these things without a lot of repetitions -- unless it is natural. Well, it doesnít take a genius to know that in Cedricís case, it is not repetitions- so it must be natural. Let's seeÖspeed, strength, vision, good body lean, ability to break tackles, set up blocks and even catch the ball. Where would you think this kid should be selected in the draft? First round or second round? In this case, not until the second day, unless there is a team out there who needs a running back and doesnít care about character. I can't imagine that happening! (Yeah, right.) Cedric has the talent of a 1st round pick and the brains of a twit. Iím sure by the time draft day comes, some team will be overlooking Cedricís off field concerns because of his talent and Iím sure that Cedric will run right to the bank with his signing bonus and save it for a rainy day. (YEAH, RIGHT.)

Drew Boylhart