Chad Lavalais†† DT†† LSU

Chad is super quick in his pass rush. He is very good in the 1-gap technique used for the passing game. He can be used right away to add to the pass rush of a team as he grows.

Needs to Improve
At this stage Chad is good (for college ball) in the run game or 2-gap
system but for the pros, he must get stronger in his upper and lower body and must learn to use his hands better. He does not have good lateral movement and this is the real reason he will have trouble in the pros defending against the run.

Bottom Line
Chad will always be better in the passing game than in the running game. He just likes doing it better. He can be a good run stuffer if he works really hard, but the reality is that rushing the passer is the lifeblood of this kidís game. He is like a vampire looking for blood on the eve of all hallows.  He loves to tackle someone, anyone behind the line of scrimmage. It doesn't matter to him who it is as long as he gets them behind the line. ATTENTION all offensive coordinators in the NFL. Do not, I say do not, run a reverse against this kid when he is on the field. He will swoop down on the poor pitiful person you use for this play and leave him on the field lifeless and without any color in his face. I call him Chad (The Count) Lavalais. He is a vampire and will suck the blood from your passing game.

Drew Boylhart