Chris Cooley   TE   Utah St



Chris has good athleticism for his position. He has very good hands and is an excellent blocker at the college level. He runs with good power and has the potential to be a good receiver against zone coverages and in the red zone. Chris has also shown enough skills to play the fullback position.


Needs to Improve

At this point in his development, Chris lacks the quickness and strength to be a good in-line blocker. Chris has not played the TE position very long and the quality of competition has not challenged him because he is a good athlete.


Bottom Line

Chris, at this time, is a long-range developmental TE project. He has a lot of positives that can be worked with:  a) Good hands, b) Technically sound blocker, c) Runs with good power after the catch, d) Smart. Because he played against weak competition, it is very hard to tell if he will ever be that good of an in-line blocker. Because he doesn’t have ‘split the safety’ speed, he can’t show the scouts anything special that would set him apart from the other TE’s. He has good hands, but lacks speed and this makes him just like a lot of other TE’s that played for bigger programs and project as better blockers. The good thing about Chris that could help him a lot in the draft, is that he does show some fullback skills.  That, plus how well he does on special teams, will be the deciding factors for Chris to be drafted. Chris could go in any round on the 2nd day or could be a free agent pick up after the draft, but he should be worth the time and effort to develop.


Drew Boylhart