Chris Gamble   CB   Ohio St

Chris is a difference maker. He is tall and strong for his position. He
has good speed for his size. He is the next generation of CB in the NFL. He has good hands for interceptions -- important if a CB wants to make the big bucks. He has the potential to be a shutdown CB in the NFL. He does not get down on himself when he makes a mistake. Chris rises to the challenge.

Needs to Improve;
Chris is not yet a finished product. Unusual for Ohio St., but Chris did
not devote his attention full time to the position until just this year.
He still needs to learn about technique and right now is better in zone
than man to man. He guesses a little too much right now. This will all get better with experience.

Bottom Line;
Chris is far from a finished CB right now. There are other CBs in this
draft that are almost as tall and much more polished at this stage then
Chris. Those other CBs have some other problems that may make them on my board unappealing. Chris is a good player now with the potential to be an impact player, with no baggage. Chris is tall enough not to have trouble with the small quick receivers and big and strong enough to shut down the big possession receivers. I personally rate Chris on my board ahead of Derrick Strait because I think he is a bit more athletic then Derrick and has more upside. Chris should go someplace in the middle of the first round and Derrick, late part of the first round.


Drew Boylhart