Chris Snee   OG   Boston College

Chris is very strong with excellent balance and techniques. He is a leader that demands the respect of the other offensive lineman. He is mentally tough and he might be the quickest guard in this draft. He handles the bull rush the best of any guard I have seen coming out of college in a very long time.

Needs to Improve
I know what most people are going to say.  He needs to work on his pass blocking. That's just a bunch of garbage. For a guard, he has good lateral movement and hand fighting techniques. I would like to know if he could play center. I like my guards to be able to play center.

Bottom Line
This kid has got Pro Bowl written all over him. He is not a finesse guard like Smiley. He will knock the snot out of the guy in front of him and then knock that snot out of the guy next to the guy in front him.  If Chris misses a blocking assignment, it is unacceptable to him. If a teammate misses a blocking assignment, Chris feels responsible. He will do everything in his power to help that teammate. That, ladies, is the definition of leader and a Pro Bowl player. Those scouts that nit-pick at Chris's so-called lack of passing skills are the same scouts that say the passing skills of Shawn Andrews really don't matter. Those scouts are not worried about an offensive tackle's pass blocking skills, but are worried about a left guard’s pass blocking skills. Is there something wrong with that picture or is it just me ? Chris Snee should be taken sometime in the first round. He will be a Pro Bowl player. I call him Chris (sneezy) Snee. He will knock the snot right out of you.

Drew Boylhart