Chris Thompson CB Nicholls State



Chris has very good athleticism for the CB position. He played in division 1AA and was considered the best cover corner at that level. He dominated at this level and to give you some idea of his accomplishments, Chris did not allow a TD reception by an opponent for his entire college career. He has the size and speed and strength to play bump and run in the NFL. He is a solid wrap-up tackler and has very good techniques. Chris has the agility and change of speed and brains to play in the NFL. He has big time sleeper potential.


Needs to Improve

Chris will need to get used to the size, strength and speed of the NFL.


Bottom Line

Let me tell you, getting tape of Nicholls State is not an easy thing to do. So I had to do this profile from a highlight tape. Let me also tell you about highlight tapes. A good highlight tape can make my 80-year old mother look like a Playboy bunny. Chris did dominate his division. He does have athletic talent equal to the better CBs in this draft. He proved that at the combine. The big question is, does Chris have the mental toughness to fight through the physical challenges that he will face in the NFL? Until now, things have been pretty easy for Chris because he is so much better than his opponents. That is about to change. Chris is the definition of a sleeper in this draft. His game shows a little bling, bling to it.


Drew Boylhart