Cody Pickett   QB   Washington

Cody has outstanding mental strength. He has good arm strength. He is a good leader and a good teammate. He has the skill and athleticism to play QB at the next level.

Needs to Improve
His mechanics need a lot of work. He is inconsistent and it is causing problems for him in all aspects of his game.

Bottom Line
Cody will be a better QB in the pros than he is in college. You’re saying to yourself, “How the hell would he know that?”  You know how I know? I'll tell you how I know. Cody's inconsistency is a result of him playing at a different speed mentally and physically than his teammates. In the passing game, he is always waiting for his teammates, which is causing him to throw off-balance, to hesitate in his throws and just plain screw up his mechanics in general. This will not be a problem in the pros because those players are playing at the same pace. I am told that Cody is a rodeo rider. I also found out that he played the last six games of the season in his junior year with a separated shoulder, which wouldn’t be difficult except that it was his throwing shoulder. If you are a rodeo rider, you train yourself to have quick reactions and to slow everything down to a speed that you can mentally handle. Trying to transfer those mental skills over to the football field where your teammates aren’t able to match that speed and quickness (I think) could cause problems. The college players are going to react slower than you are and this is just going to cause all sorts of problems when you go to play a game. Add to that a shoulder that might not be all the way back to its original strength and you get an inconsistent season. This kid is just waiting to play at a speed that will match him mentally and physically. I call him Cody (Wilson) Pickett because before long people are going to be singing a different tune about him.

Drew Boylhart