Cody Spencer   LB   North Texas



Cody has very good size, strength and speed for the LB position. He has very good tackling techniques and takes good angles. He shows a really good burst to the ball and does have the skills to be productive in the passing game. He is a good kid and shows some leadership skills. I think Cody might be a sleeper LB in this draft.


Needs to Improve

Cody has the skills to be productive in the passing game, but the level of play did not develop those skills, so he will have to learn from scratch and it will be difficult. I think he will do fine, but it will take time.


Bottom Line

Cody will be an excellent player for the team that drafts him. Right now he does very well as long as the play is in front of him.  He has good hip flip and speed and very good lateral movement, which makes him a potential every down LB. Cody should be a big help on special teams until he can handle a starting position. He is very coach-able and has great enthusiasm to learn. Cody wants to be a good player and it is my guess he will succeed. He is a sleeper and should be a core player for the team that drafts him. He is a 2nd day pick on my board because he will take time to develop, but it would not surprise me if some team picks him in the 3rd rd.


Drew Boylhart