DJ Williams   LB   Miami

DJ is one of the bigger linebackers in this draft. He has good speed. He also has good strength and does a good job of tackling. He is very athletic.

Needs to improve
DJ lacks great lateral movement and does not fight through his blocks. He is a bit stiff in the hips and on sweeps, gets caught up in the wash too much.

Bottom Line
DJ, DJ, DJ, you make me shake my head every time I see you play. You have so much talent and you give so much effort and yet you are still so far behind in your development. I ask myself why and I continue to this day to watch film just to figure it out. To be honest, I don't know if you will ever be that good in the passing game. Your hips are locked but you do give the effort. The thing that bothers me the most is that you hesitate in everything you do. You have no confidence in yourself. You are a 1st rounder in size, strength and speed but you do not lead others around you.  You should have taken control of your play and the play of others around you by now. There is only one thing worse on a team than an indecisive QB and that is an indecisive MLB. I think for the time being in the pros, the team that drafts you should use you for one thing and one thing only. Just rush the passer. This will help you to break the habit of hesitating and give you some success and confidence. This will develop you faster then anything else. If I were your coach, I would think your name was Damn-it Williams because that is what I would be saying to you all through practice and the game.

Drew Boylhart