Darnell Dockett†† DT†† Florida St

Darnell has good size and strength for his position. He is very quick off the ball and has the ability to make an impact for the team that drafts him in the passing game. Darnell loves to make tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

Needs to Improve
Darnell has been used as a 1-gap lineman. He has a lot to learn if a team wants him to learn the 2-gap techniques.

Bottom Line
Darnell might be the best of the 1-gap D-lineman in this draft. There are some that are quicker, but not as strong and some that are stronger, but not as quick. If you need a kid that can disrupt the blocking schemes of the other teamís O-line, he is your man. If your defense relies on your DT's to disrupt and your linebackers to clean up, he is your man. Some of you remember Dallas against Buffalo in the Super Bowls? That is the D-line system the Cowboys used. The Bills used a lot of plays in the run game that used pulling guards, centers and tackles. The Cowboys shot the gaps on running downs and messed up the blocking assignments of the Bills. Linebackers and safeties moved in for the kill. Darnell is perfect for this system. Can he learn the techniques of a 2-gap system? Does he have the talent? Yes to both questions, but I wonder if Darnell wants to learn that system. It is not as exciting as the way Darnell wants to play football. Excitement is football to Darnell. I would not take that away from him by demanding that he learn a system that is not in his heart. Most of the teams that were in the playoffs lost because they could not stop the run. I think at the end of the 1st round, if they pick a D-lineman, it will be a run stuffer. With this in mind, Darnell looks to be a 2nd rounder. Darnell needs to mature off the field so that doesn't help him get 1st round money. If he works out well at the combine he could move back into the first round. Itís all up to him.

Drew Boylhart