Darrell Campbell   DT   Notre Dame



Darrell has above average quickness off the line of scrimmage. He has very good abilities in the running game. He has been a core player for his college team and will be a good teammate. He has been very effective against double teams and has very good lateral agility to string out running plays. He has a good burst to chase down the RB and is very effective in the 1gap technique. Darrell is very underrated and has the talent to be a 1gap/ 2gap DT in the NFL.


Needs to Improve

Darrell needs to get a little more serious about football. At this stage of his career, he doesn’t realize how good a DT he is. He lacks confidence in his abilities.


Bottom Line

Darrell has always been one of my favorite players at Notre Dame. He just does what is asked of him without complaining about not being noticed. In fact, I think he likes not being noticed. Some players are like that. He really is a very complete player at this stage of his career, but he will have to get bigger and stronger and will have to concentrate more on the playbook. I think he has been under the radar because he has been playing for a struggling program. Darrell is a sleeper that has played in a big time program. Teams that pass on him will wish they had better scouts or that they had read this profile before the draft. He should be a 1st day pick, but he doesn’t have an agent that is pushing his name so look for him to slip to the 2nd day.


Drew Boylhart