Darrion Scott†† DL†† Ohio St



Darrion is a hard worker. He is a good teammate. He uses his hands well and has good quickness when he is in passing situations as a DT.


Needs to Improve

Darrion has average talent for a college lineman and he doesnít show any linebacker skills at this stage. He is too small for a DT and not fast or quick enough to be a DE in the NFL.


Bottom Line

Donít get me wrong -- Darrion is a good kid and I think has been an asset to his team and a very good player for his team. If he had great talent, then he would have dominated the college game in general. He had Will (Wing Man) Smith and Tim (Tool Man) Anderson on the same line and he didnít dominate. He did make good plays and plays that helped his team win.He was an important part of his teamís defensive game plan, but he is a tweener. Darrion might be a good player in a 3-4 defense, but until he shows some linebacker skills, it is hard to project him in that defense. Darrion is just the type of player that a coach like the head coach of the Patriots will take and make into a core player because he knows how to coach players with the type of talent that Darrion has. The problem for Darrion is that there are not a lot of teams that use the 3-4 defense and not a lot of teams that have talented enough coaches to bring out the best from him. Darrion should be a player who is picked on the second day of the draft. He would be a good pick for New England or Pittsburgh. I donít believe that there are any other coaches in the league that would understand how to benefit from Darrionís limited skills.


Drew Boylhart