Dave Ball†† DE†† UCLA

David has some fantastic stats Ė 54 tackles, 21 tackles for loss and 17 sacks. David is tall and quick. He changes direction very well. David has been well coached on pass rushing skills and it shows in his stats. He gets a lot of pressure and teams have to game plan for him. He has some leadership qualities and is a good teammate.

Needs to Improve
David looks much thinner than his listed weight. He needs to get stronger, bigger and play a little more under control. He has to stand up better at the point of attack. If David is 250-260 lbs at the combine, I think a lot of teams will be turned off.

Bottom Line
David reminds me a little of a player a few years ago in the draft that went in the third round to my favorite team, Ryan Denny. Denny was a lot stronger, but didnít have the pass rushing moves that David has. Ryan Denny had great stats, but has not been as successful in the pros as he was in college. Iím concerned that David will have some of the same problems adjusting as to the NFL as Ryan, but I think David will succeed because he is a lot quicker. David Ball has to do something about his weight. I believe that this will be a problem for him. Some guys just have a lot of trouble gaining weight. I think David is a Ďboom or bustí player and it isnít because he doesnít work hard or is a troublemaker.It is because he falls into that awkward place of being a tweener. He might be too tall and not the right size for DE and too light for DT. If he gains weight to about 275-280 lbs and keeps his quickness, then he turns into a boom player. If not, he is a bust -- a situational player at best that should not have been a 1st day pick. For David, the combines and the workouts are going to be very big. I hope he and his agent realize it. If he skips them, teams will think he is hiding something and will turn away from him. It will be a big three days for him. David's attitude will make him a good addition to a team.

Drew Boylhart