Dave Pearson OC Michigan

Dave is a very smart center that has played in a pro-set offense. He has good strength and balance. He uses his hands in the passing game very well and does a good job of moving his feet in the running game. He has good lower body strength. Dave has good over all techniques.

Need to Improve
Dave will have to get stronger and bigger to handle some of the big DTs in the pros.

Bottom Line
Dave is a technically sound center. The problem is that he needs to get a lot bigger and stronger. Can he do this and keep - or improve - his athletic abilities? I think he can, but it will be a few years before it can happen. Dave is a good developmental project for some team that has a center near the end of his career. The problem that I see for Dave is not
athletically or work ethic. I do not see any leadership qualities. I like my centers to have leadership ability. I like him to have some aggressiveness at the line. I know Dave calls out the assignments and points out the blitzes, but after the play is over, I do not see him holding players responsible emotionally. His body language on the field and in the tapes sends to me a signal of not doing this. If Im wrong, then Dave becomes a very good center in the NFL. If Im right, he is a backup. Interviews are the only way to find out if his leadership qualities are there or not. For me to know if Im right or not, I will look for when hes is drafted. If it is someplace in the first five rounds, then I will probably be wrong. Anything after the fifth round could mean that I'm right. I would much rather be wrong than right in this case. Nothing that I have written here will make or break Dave even if he is a free agent. Where hes is picked or not picked doesn't mean that he can't be a pro-bowl center. It just means that on draft day the scouts are seeing what I am seeing. Dave could wind up being a heck of a guard where leadership qualities are not as important.

Drew Boylhart