DeAngelo Hall   CB   Virginia Tech

De Angelo is fast and quick. He changes direction with ease. Very good hip-flip. He is smart and is a playmaker. He has the abilities to be a shutdown corner in the NFL. Nice long arms to defend against bigger players. He loves a challenge. He is a nightmare on special teams. Excellent in the punt return game. He has the ability to affect the game plan of his opponents.

Needs to Improve
No sense in going through some sort of nonsense about attitude, techniques, yada, yada, yada. Yes, he needs to improve, and he will. He could be a better tackler (pick, pick, pick).  Hopefully, he will mature in his actions on the field but if he doesn't, it's not something that is very likely to affect his draft status.

Bottom Line
There are just a few of these type of players that are shutdown players at their position and can throw fear into the heart of their opponents in the special teams game, too. This kid will impact in his first year with interceptions and run backs on special teams. He likes the big time and wears it well. He uses intimidation to mask his limitations as a cover corner. All the big ones do this. He is the closest thing coming out of the college game to D. Sanders that I have seen. Once drafted, he will have to prove that he is worthy of that comparison. Kansas City special teams player Dante Hall literally won five games for his team this year and affected the game plan of his opponents in all 16 games. With that type of success, other teams will be looking for their own choo-choo, like Dante. The fact that DeAngelo has the potential to be a shutdown corner would make me think that DeAngelo might be a pretty high draft choice. I hear collecting choo-choo’s can be worth a lot of money.


Drew Boylhart