DeMarco McNeil   DT   Auburn



DeMarco has very good athletic ability. He is strong against the run and is very quick in the passing game. He shows good lateral movement and has good feet. He uses his arms well in the running game. DeMarco has very good upside to his game because he is only using about 75% of his abilities at this point of his career.


Needs to Improve

DeMarco, because he has tremendous talent, should be considered a 1st rd pick. His lack of effort and consistency down after down is the reason why he’s not going to be a 1st rd pick.  He might even have trouble being a 1st day pick.


Bottom Line

DeMarco reminds me a lot of Warren Sapp. He has the same body type, Ht, Wt, speed and quickness. He is a clone of Warren, except for one thing and one thing only. He does not have Warren’s heart, passion and need to be the best. (Oops!  That was three things.) Well, you get my point. If DeMarco decides that football is his passion and he wants to succeed and be the best he can be on every play, then he has the POTENTIAL to be a Pro Bowl player someday. It is up to him. For me personally, he drops to a 2nd day pick. To invest money in a kid who has trouble being motivated to play at any level gets me mad!


Drew Boylhart