Derrick Hamilton   WR   Clemson



Derrick has very good size and speed for his position. He has good run after the catch skills. He wants to be a star. This is very important for a WR. He has the talent to be a #1 receiver in any style offense. Derrick has strong hands and likes to go across the middle of the field. He loves to challenge the DB’s and is a very good blocker. You just got to love this about this kid.


Needs to Improve

He is behind in his development in all phases of the passing game except blocking. It would benefit his draft status and his game in general if he were to stay in another year.


In my zeal to understand why Derrick would come out early, I reported that Clemson had a run oriented offense. The e-mails went flying and mouths were frothing in frustration and anger at me. I went back to the tapes. I am very focused on the player when I do evaluations and when I finish, I sit and write about the player. Sometimes I have a hard time wondering why players come out early. In this case I came up with ‘run oriented offense’.  It was foolish and wrong and when the complaints came in and I checked some tapes I knew that it was wrong. So I apologize to the Clemson fans that are upset about the fact that I misrepresented the Clemson offense.


I am not wrong about Derrick’s talent and POTENTIAL and how it may relate to the NFL.


Bottom Line

One more year in college and this kid is a first rounder. He decided to come out early in a draft that is loaded with receivers that are his size and speed, but more developed than he is. If he stays in one more year, he might not make that much more money and he starts to learn the skills he needs to be a WR in the NFL. A smart move because he gets to free agency a year earlier and should make a ton of money then. He just might squeeze ahead of Michael Jenkins before it is all said and done because he is stronger and has better character than old Michael. Derrick also goes over the middle as well as Reggie Williams and Michael Clayton. Jenkins prefers to work on the outside of the offense, if you know what I mean. Derrick has strength in his hands that might equal Fitzgerald. This kid has tremendous upside to his game for the NFL. It will take him a few years before it shows and that’s why he is likely to go in the second or third round.


Drew Boylhart