Devard Darling†† WR†† Washington St

Devard is a tall, long-legged WR in a position that seems to be plentiful in this draft.Except -- he has speed that is close to Roy Williams WR from Texas. Devard has good hands. He has improved in all aspects of his game.

Needs to Improve
Devard needs to learn how to run routes. Right now, he just uses his speed and talent when running his routes and that will not do in the pros. Devard needs to concentrate on catching the ball consistently. He does have strong hands. He needs a lot of maturity in all aspects of his game.

Bottom Line
The truth is that the NFL loves speed and this kid has some. His size/speed ratio alone moves him close to the first round. Add talent to that and you have - drum roll please- a sleeper. This kid will jump up the charts and just might squeeze into the first round. I donít think he has the mental toughness to be a number one receiver in the NFL, but he is really close and could very well prove me wrong. He is young, but the skill that interests me the most at his age is his strength. The problem is that Devard does not even realize how strong he is. At this stage of his development, he reminds me a little bit of Terrell Owens. When Terrell came out of college, he didnít understand his own talent. Devard is the same way. He knows he has speed. He knows he has some strength. He knows he has good hands, but he does not use all the talents together when the ball is thrown to him. Right now, if he concentrates on catching the ball, he forgets to use his strength after he catches the ball. When he runs his routes and concentrates on his route running, he is not prepared to catch the ball and drops it. I think for Devard, it is just a matter of repetitions and football maturity. How fast Devard becomes a star in the NFL will be determined by how hard he works. If he works as hard as Jerry Rice, he will be a big star. If he is immature and takes the money and runs-well, you get my drift. Interview him and find out.† †Is he ĎBoom or Bustí? Will he sneak into the 1st round? I think he will.

Drew Boylhart