Devery Henderson   WR   LSU

Devery has very good speed and quickness. He has good size for his position and good hands. I like his quickness in and out of his routes. He is a great kid with a good attitude.

Needs to Improve
Devery needs to be more aggressive when the ball is in the air. He also does a little bit of body catching. This happens to some players when they are trying to control themselves coming out of a break because of too much speed.

Bottom Line
You just have to love the players coming out of this program right now. I'm talking about the attitude of the players. These kids are all about team. Matt Mauck, Mike Clayton and this kid, Devery Henderson. Devery has as much talent coming out of this draft as Peerless Price had when he was drafted. The big difference is Devery has a better attitude. Devery will be an impact player in a few years. He is not as close to being the finished product at WR as Clayton is, but when he does become a technically sound WR, he will be something special. The upside potential for this kid is enormous. He has to work on being more aggressive. That is very important for Devery. If he accomplishes this, he could be a #1 receiver for some lucky team. If he does not develop this mental toughness, he should be an excellent #2 WR. Either way, you will be picking a core player who should become an important part of your team. Devery has only been a WR since his junior year. Prior to that, he played some running back. If Devery had four years as a WR, he would be a first round pick (IMO). Remember the movie Harry and the Hendersons? I call Devery Henderson ‘Harry’ because that's how big his potential is.

Drew Boylhart