Donnell Washington   DT   Clemson



Donnell is bigger than the average in size for his position. He is faster than the average in speed for his position. He is as quick as the average D-lineman. Donnell can get across the line of scrimmage in the 1-gap defense, but has played mostly in a 2-gap defense. He has tremendous upside POTENTIAL.


Needs to Improve

Donnell is a junior. He might have been a top fifteen pick if he had stayed in for one more year. He needs to learn the NFL techniques for his position.


Bottom Line

Donnell is being impatient and my guess is that some agent got a hold of him and told him that playing in a 2-gap defense at Clemson would not get him noticed. No sacks, no money. To be honest with you, the agent just might have been right. We all have a tendency to overlook the obvious. As long as this kid was not on ESPN, he was going to be under the radar, so he might as well come out now and get the money a year earlier. When this kid is done with the combines, I feel he will move up to that latter part of the first round for these reasons. Size, speed, need. He is very athletic for any size player. He might just wind up running a 5.0 in the forty. The need of the teams at the end of the first round that lost in the playoffs because they could not stop the run lead me to think he could move up also. In the second round you have to take a chance on him early. If you are an O-lineman in the NFL and you have to go up against this kid in the future, go and buy yourself a Hemi pickup truck. That is the only you are going to move this kid around the field. You are definitely going to need a Hemi…definitely!


Drew Boylhart