Dontarrious Thomas†† LB†† Auburn

Dontarrious might be the strongest LB in this draft. He is a pure MLB. He has good abilities in the passing game and is excellent at blitzing the QB. He shows good leadership qualities. He is a force in the running game taking on and shedding blockers with ease.


Needs to Improve

Dontarrious needs to show more leadership on the field. In particular, he needs to be more vocal and demanding of his teammates.


Bottom Line
If Dontarrious was more vocal as a leader, there is no doubt in my mind that people would be comparing him to Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. As I have stated, Dontarrious is a pure middle linebacker. I rate Rod Davis and Dontarrious as 1 and 1A on my board. Flip them anyway you would like. I put Rod ahead of Dontarrious only because Rod can play all three linebacker positions. Dontarrious is motivated by pride. His actions on the field tell me that he will always expect to get paid the going rate without the hassle of negotiating for it. He is a no-nonsense type of guy. Treat him fairly and he will go through a wall for you. If you don't respect him and his effort, he just might put YOU through the wall instead. Dontarrious might make the top 15 in this draft, but it really doesn't matter to him, so I donít expect him to push very hard for it. He will start right away and be a main cog in someone's defense for a long time. He is a search and destroy type of linebacker. If you need a LB, don't pass him up and think you will get him in the 2nd round. New England will not let it happen. Remember they have two picks in the first round. Dontarrious the Destroyer.

Drew Boylhart