Drew Carter   WR   Ohio St

Drew is a tall receiver with good size and excellent speed. He has been timed in the forty from 4.26 to 4.40. That is fast. He has been measured from 6'2" to 6'4". His weight is in the range of 180-200 lbs.

Needs to Improve
Drew might be a figment of someone's imagination. I have seen him in exactly three plays in two years. I dare any scout to say he has seen Drew in more than three plays in two years. Drew needs to get on the field.

Bottom Line
Drew will be looked at, prodded and interviewed as if he were a 1st round pick. Teams (because of his size/speed ratio) want to know if they should take a chance on this kid sometime on the 1st day. Don't let anyone tell you that they know about this kid’s skills or lack of skills.  He has run approximately 12 routes in his entire football college career. Now I might be exaggerating a little, but you get the picture. Drew seems like a good kid. I cannot tell how good his hands are because Krenzel does not have a big time arm. So, what do you do? You work him out, interview him and roll the dice. Boom or bust, baby. Have you got the guts to pick him on the first day? For me, it comes down to this. The length of the contract I can sign him to (5yrs) and does he have the character and mental toughness to learn the game? If I feel he has these two important skills, I would sign him in the 3rd round. If not, I wait until the 2nd day. I don’t know if Drew understands the difference in playing hurt and having an injury. That is the biggest question. Mental toughness will be the deciding factor. I think for me I would wait until the 2nd day. Boom or bust, baby…’Roll the dice’ Carter.

Drew Boylhart