Dunta Robinson†† CB†† South Carolina



Dunta has good size for his position and very good speed. He has good tackling abilities and has played more than one position in the defensive backfield. He adjusts well to the ball in the air and has a good set of hands for interceptions. Dunta has good catch up speed.


Needs to Improve

Dunta, at this time, is just learning the position. His legs are long and there is some concern about his ability to change direction. He just might be a tweener. Not quick enough for corner and not strong enough for safety.


Bottom Line

Dunta has a tough time being knocked off stride a lot by college WRís when he is running stride for stride with them. This could be a big problem in the NFL. He is a bit of a long strider and although he has excellent speed, he has trouble changing direction. I noticed this especially when the WR runs hard in a deep pattern and makes Dunta flip his hips, then breaks back to the ball in a curl or stop route. Now this could just be a technique problem, but I think he will always have this problem because of his legs and his speed. Most long-legged corners do not have the burst that Dunta has, so they do not panic on the deep pass.They just try to stay with the receiver and use their size to defend. Dunta panics, outruns the WR and is then in a bad position to defend the stop route. Now most coaches will say this is technique and we can straighten that out. That is a mistake. Ring the bell, the dog salivates, run a deep route and Dunta will go like the wind. He canít help himself. Itís a reaction for him that will be very hard to break. Dunta will be an excellent nickel/dime corner. If you try to put him on the field for every down, he will make mistakes in technique that he will have no control over and break your heart because of his talent. He is a hard worker and a good kid and can help a lot in special teams, but if you are looking for a starting CB, look to someone else. He reminds me of a 1st round draft pick a few years back, J.D. Williams- Buffalo Bills.


Drew Boylhart