Dwan Edwards†† DT†† Oregon St

Dwan has very good quickness off the line of scrimmage. He has good size and plays with good leverage. Dwan likes to pass rush from the tackle position and does a good job of disrupting the O-linesí blocking assignments.

Dwan has to get stronger and learn the techniques used to stuff the run in the NFL. He lacks upper body strength and even at the college level, gets overpowered in the running game. He needs to improve his lateral movement to accomplish making more tackles.

I am not convinced at this time that Dwan is interested in improving his run-stuffing techniques. I feel by the way he plays on the field that he feels his way to the NFL is based on how well he can rush the QB. This will get you noticed and drafted, but if he wants to make the big money and last more than four years, he better start to get serious about becoming a good run stuffer. His techniques right now for rushing the passer are
based on being quicker than the O-line and he is in for a big shock if he thinks that's all he has to do in the NFL. It all comes down to work ethic. IMO, this kid lacks that right now. Money might motivate him enough to change and I do think that itís a possibility, but it's up to him. Dwan, Dwhy are you so lazy? Pick it up and you can be an asset to your team.
Continue the way you are going and you will fail.


The Bottom to the Bottom Line - 4/12/04

Dwan has shown the coaches and the scouts in his workouts that he can become a pure 1gap-2gap DT in the NFL. If he had been doing this all along he would have been a 1st round pick instead of a 1st day pick. He is moving up in this draft and with his talent could become a core player for the team that drafts him if he follows through with this new found work ethic.

Drew Boylhart