Ernest Wilford WR Virginia Tech

Earnest has very good size for the position. He is a load to bring down and has very good hands. He is strong and fights for the ball in the air.

Needs to Improve
Earnest needs to run better routes. He needs to be quicker in and out of his breaks and decide how he wants to run routes.  Is he going to run routes with finesse like a speed receiver or with strength like a possession receiver?

Bottom Line
As soon as Earnest decides what style receiver he wants to be, he should do very well. If he wants to run his routes like a speed receiver, then he better get faster and quicker. If he wants to run routes like a big possession receiver, he must learn the techniques and get stronger. If I were Earnest, I would go for possession receiver techniques. It is smarter and more to his body type. Earnest is not a speed receiver. When you play with a strong arm QB, sometimes you can fool yourself into thinking that you are a type of receiver that you are not. Strong arm QBs can put the ball in places that most college QBs only dream about. So, as a receiver, you start to think you are better and faster than you are. If a team with a strong-armed QB picks him, he could be one of the surprises of this draft. If not, he will have a lot of work ahead of him. Earnest might be a 1st day pick because of his size and hands, but with so many big, fast receivers in this draft, he might slip to the second day. He will be a very good pick in the second day. If he works hard, Earnest could wind up being a core player for the team that picks him once he figures out what style receiver he wants to be. Here's a hint Earnestyou are a possession receiver. Start now to learn the tricks of the trade. Go to the Chris Cater School for the possession receiver someplace in a town near you.


Drew Boylhart