Eli Manning†† QB†† Mississippi

Eli has a very good arm. He can make all the throws. Good movement in the pocket. Reads defenses well at the line of scrimmage. Good leadership skills. Has total command of the game plan. Understands that not every play needs to be a home run type of play. Shows great football maturity. Has great intensity. Makes players around him better. Has all the signs of a franchise QB.

Needs To Improve
Eli needs to add more weight to his frame. Thatís it! That is his only weakness. Adding weight will help him to be able to take the pounding that a pro QB takes in the NFL. This is very important. He has to be able to stay on the field to lead a team to a winning season. Eli has a good quick release and that will help him, but the pass rush in the NFL will be a lot more intense then he has gone up against in college. He has to get ready to be hit. He really does not get hit in college.

Bottom Line
Are you kidding me? Eli is the best player in this draft. He is a franchise QB. There are no other QBís as ready for the NFL as this kid. There is no better player and no player that is more of a sure bet to make it as a pro in this Draft. The only reason he might not be taken as the first pick is because the team who picks first does not need a franchise QB. If you are a team that needs a franchise QB, donít be a fool.Donít try to be cute, donít think you can outsmart some other team and wait for him to drop to you. TRADE UP -- trade your Mother if you have to. Believe me, your Mother will be proud !!!!!


Drew Boylhart