Etric Pruitt†† S†† Southern Mississippi

Etric knows how to tackle. He might be one of the best tackling DB's in this draft. He has good speed and burst and instincts in the run game. He is a leader by his play on the field and will be an asset to the team that drafts him.

Need to improve
Etric is more of a zone DB in the passing game, although he should be able to shut down a TE. He is locked a little in the hips, but not enough for teams to pass on him.

Bottom Line
When you see this kid tackle, you just jump up and scream- that's what Iím talking about! Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive! He just does it right every time. I'll take this kid any time over Stewart (Quack Up) Schweigart (see profile). He is not the best cover guy I have ever seen and so what, neither is John Lynch. He should be a first day pick and not get any further than the 2nd round. He is a little small but he plays big. Draft this kid even if you don't need a safety. You won't be sorry. He will pry you loose from the ball and make your head twirl like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

Drew Boylhart