Greg Brooks CB Southern Mississippi



Greg is a very smart player. He has very good catch up speed and can turn and run with the receivers to cover the deep pass. He adjusts well to the ball in the air and looks for the big play. Greg uses the dragdown technique when he tackles and does a good job with it. He has good hands for the interception and should be a good teammate. He takes pride in his play.


Needs to Improve

Greg will have to get bigger and stronger to compete every down in the NFL. He has to gain at least 10 to 15 lbs and build up his upper body and increase his quickness in his lateral movement.


Bottom Line

Greg has excellent potential to be a #2 CB in the NFL. His size, lack of aggressiveness in running plays and the lack of quickness in his lateral movement are the main reasons for me to think that he is a #2 rather then a #1 CB. All of the things I mention are correctable and make me think that Greg can (if he works hard) be a top CB in the NFL. The lack of quickness in a CBs lateral movement is how WRs get separation. Here is how it works. As a WR, you drive the CB into his backpedal deep-- lets say 15 yards. The CB stays squared up to the WR with a cushion. Just as the cushion starts to close, the WR takes a break inside or out and bursts out of his break. The CB is still squared up and has to move laterally and limit the separation so that he can burst to make up the rest of the separation. That one or two steps of lateral movement are the difference between a Pro Bowl CB and #2 CB. If you want to increase your lateral movement it is very simple. All you have to do is learn to jump rope. What?! Has the profile guy gone crazy? Thats what I said - learn to jump rope. Now, when I say learn to jump rope, Im talking like the great boxer Ali. Go and get some tapes of Ali jumping rope. If it is done right, it is an art form. It will strengthen and lengthen your hip flexor muscles and your feet will get quicker. Your lateral movement will increase and you will make a lot of money in free agency. Greg, Be the ropebe one with the rope.


Drew Boylhart