Greg Jones   RB   Florida St

Greg is a north-south runner with good speed and very good power. He does a good job of catching the ball out of the backfield. Greg loves to hit people and run over them. He is macho, macho man. I think he has recovered from his knee operation because the kid never stops working out.

Greg is a tweener. The scouts are going to scratch their heads and try to figure if he is a halfback or a fullback? Is he a clone of Mike Alstott? Stamina will be the biggest problem for Greg because most of his strength is workout strength.

Greg is definitely a fullback who likes to run with the ball. He is locked at the hips so you will not see much lateral movement in his running skills. You will not see very good open space-blocking abilities and he has not shown me the quickness to be a third down receiving back. He is an inside the red zone back that will scare the crap out of you when he enters the game and will give some team excellent play action abilities around the end zone. ATTENTION SCOUTS AND COACHES WHO ARE FULL OF THEMSELVES. Please do not try to make this kid your featured back because you made the mistake of drafting him too high. That's what they tried to do with his brother Mike Alstott and it failed. It will fail with this kid, too. These guys are impact players for certain situations. They are the type of player that when they come into a game, everyone in the stadium knows what the next play will be and they still succeed. The longer they are on the field the easier it is to exploit their negatives. Greg Jones is not Jerome Bettis. Greg Jones is not Sam Gash and Greg Jones is not Larry Centers. Greg Jones is a good running back between the tackles that can break tackles and give you a good block on occasion. He can also catch the
ball out of the backfield if he is not too far down the field. Greg will always lack the stamina to be a featured back because he works out so much. He will shine at the bowl games and will wow them at the combines and some team will take him too high and be pissed when he fails as a featured RB. He is a first day pick but NOT a 1st round pick.  Greg (Macho Man) Jones.

Drew Boylhart