Igor Olshansky†† DT†† Oregon



Igor has excellent size and strength for his position. He is a good athlete. Igor is without a doubt one of the strongest kids ever to play the game. He has improved every year. Last season, Igor had 15 tackles for losses.


Needs to Improve

Igor is just learning the game and needs to learn the techniques of his position. He really doesnít use his hands well and his strength is not natural. He is a workout warrior and this will affect his stamina in a 16-game NFL schedule.


Bottom Line

I see this every year -- it never fails. Someone lifts weights at the combine and the scouts who will eventually lose their jobs think this kid is the next coming of Thor and his Magic Hammer. Think about this for a minute please. If this were true, then every strong guy wrestler and body builder would be in the NFL. It takes quickness, strength, techniques and brains to be a DT in the NFL. Right now, Igor is not quick off the line. He does not play with leverage. He stands up way too high out of his stance at the snap and he doesnít have good hand use. He does have talent and he is an athlete, but it will take time. Igor, right now, is overpowering his opponents with just sheer strength. This will not happen in the NFL. He hasnít developed the techniques of his position because he has so much more strength than his opponents. Igor is a bit of a tweener. Not fast enough for DE and not stout or big enough for DT. Guys like this do not like to put on weight. It ruins their physique. This will be a problem for the team that drafts him because Igor has to get bigger to be a starting DT in the NFL. I donít think heíll do this because he likes the way he looks now in the mirror. Igor has enough talent to be a DT in the NFL. Iím just not convinced he will gain the weight needed to be successful in the NFL. Igor might have a future being a contestant in the strongest man contest. Most of the time, players like Igor are taken in the 3rd or 4th round. If he is taken earlier, then some scout has overrated Igorís potential impact in the NFL because he likes the way he lifts 225lbs. Big frigginí deal!


Drew Boylhart