Isaac Sopoaga   DT   Hawaii

Isaac is strong and powerful, strong and powerful and strong and powerful. He is great at stuffing the run. He uses his hands very well, has good lateral movement and good feet. Isaac is a pure 2-gap DT. He understands the use of leverage and is strong and powerful. (I said that, right?)

Needs to Improve
Isaac is not a pass rusher. He is a pass crusher.

Bottom Line
Isaac does one thing well and he does it very well -- STUFF THE RUN. He has natural strength. It is not made-up strength from working out. When Isaac was born, I believe he could lift and jerk 250 lbs straight out of womb. Isaac has leadership abilities. He has leadership abilities because no one in his right mind would be stupid enough NOT to follow him. This kid is still learning the game of football and the skills that are needed for his
position, but make no mistake about it, he will be a core player for his team and a great teammate. I have a feeling the name Isaac Sopoaga means ‘pick a running back up, hold over your head and throw him to the ground’. I know that's a little long, but you get the picture. I like to call him Isaac (The Crusher) Sopoaga. A star is born.

Drew Boylhart